The StateServ Companies Chairman, Anthony R. Perre talks about “What it takes to work in Hospice”, featured in USA TODAY’s special edition, “End of Life Care”.

  • 28 Nov, 2013
  • Nancy Johnson

MediaPlanet Publishing and StateServ Partner with Hospice Industry Leaders to Release “End of Life Care” – a Special Edition within USA TODAY

Despite all the medical technological advances, no one person is immortal. So why is it that millions of Americans dread the topic of talking about one thing they cannot yet avoid: end of life care?

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 4, 2013

On the weekend of September 27th – 29th, MediaPlanet Publishing, along with leaders in the hospice and palliative care industry, partnered together to release “End of Life Care: A Reader’s Guide to Hospice and Palliative Care” in USA TODAY. This fact-filled, resource-rich, inspirational section examined answers to the questions so often heard in homes, hospitals and hospices, as healthcare consumers and their families grapple with the fears surrounding the provision of care for the seriously ill and the dying. “I don’t know about the end of life care,” say many patients and families. “Who do I turn to? What do I need to know?”

This publication creates dialogue and provides resources for families seeking solutions for their own care, discussing the importance of family conversation, community, and the inherent joy to all, as we find meaning and purpose in celebrating what can be deemed as the most difficult passage in life: death.

One of the many highlights of this publication was the article “What it takes to work in Hospice”, a Q&A with Anthony R. Perre, Chairman and Co-Founder of The StateServ Companies. In it, Mr. Perre discussed how he became involved in the hospice industry, his top influencers, and the special skill set it takes to provide the compassion and care to those who need it most.

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About The StateServ Companies

Anthony R. Perre is the Chairman and Co-founder of The StateServ Companies, with headquarters in Tempe, Arizona.

The StateServ Companies is the nation’s leading provider of Hospice medical equipment, innovative technology and services. For nearly a decade, StateServ has provided Durable Medical Equipment, DME Software and DME Benefit Management services for Hospice organizations.

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