Loss Recovery Specialist – Tempe, AZ

Loss Recovery Specialist – Tempe, AZ

With general direction, this position acts as the primary point of contact between the organization and clients to track, retrieve and report upon missing assets and effectively support the organization’s ability to manage and control shrinkage.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • On a daily basis, reviews loss reports to understand the status of missing assets. Based on general standard operating procedures, implements the loss recovery process by contacting the client to investigate the status of equipment. Records and tracks recovery efforts which may include but is not limited to contacting multiple sources and notating efforts within the system.
  • Identifies and recovers lost equipment and flags as such in the system. Places an order through the system for the customer service team to dispatch a field technician to retrieve equipment. Follows up on pick up orders to confirm retrieval.
  • Maintains system records of loss recovery activity by site; on a monthly basis or as requested, reports on the status of lost and recovered equipment.
  • Assists Inventory Management by regularly monitoring driver email replies to ensure system of record is accurate in regards to missing assets, recording serial numbers, editing orders, and creating new orders that were not properly completed in the field. Also assists with the transfer of equipment from site to site or when the equipment is deemed to be at end of life.
  • As needed, assists purchasing by placing new equipment orders for sites or corporate to adequately maintain stock levels when assets have been lost or retired.
  • Within corporate, acts as a resource to all department managers in the recovery of corporate assets including but not limited to company phones, computers, shirts, and building keys.
  • Monitors on site cameras on a regular basis to ensure inventory practices are being followed.
  • Acts as an internal resource for key stakeholders including but not limited to field leadership, customer service, and data management to provide guidance and direction following standard protocol as well as provide the ongoing status of activities.
  • Proactively reaches out to establish a rapport with clients and support effective partnerships that lead to effective “win-win” business relationships.

Education, Licensure or Certification:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required
  • Some college is preferred

Work Experience or Related Experience:

  • At least one year experience in which incumbents regularly interface with internal stakeholders and customers is required to communicate quality assurance issues and act as a conduit for information as described
  • DME field experience in which the incumbent gained knowledge and insight of general DME field operations is preferred
  • Experience with StateServ’s proprietary software system is strongly preferred

Specialized Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • The ability to maintain confidentiality of patient information and follow standard operating procedures with regard to patient data to ensure compliance with HIPAA is required
  • A high attention to detailed information is required to review and reconcile missing assets and field data
  • Strong interpersonal skills to interface with multiple internal stakeholders and clients as described
  • The ability to speak and write in a professional manner is required to communicate with clients as described
  • Proficient and accurate typing/data-entry skills are required to record system information as described
  • The ability to prioritize tasks and generally perform work without detailed direction is required
  • Working knowledge of a PC, business and communications software (MS Office) and web-based tools are required
  • Familiarity with contact management software is strongly preferred

Work Environment, Physical Requirements and Demands:

  • The ability to maintain a flexible schedule is required to accommodate national time zones as well as to be available for real time communications from technicians as described
  • Work is performed in an office environment where incumbents must be able to work with defined schedules in which timed lunches and breaks are predefined to ensure availability to monitor and react to real-time technician calls and emails
  • This position entails a high level of work performed at a computer terminal throughout the day as well as moderate use of a telephone or headset equipment
  • The ability to view and continuously focus on and compare system information and work orders is required to quality review information as described
  • On a regular basis, incumbent frequently performs repetitive motions at a computer terminal and is subject to prolonged sitting
  • Regular eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity is required to operate office equipment

NOTE: To apply for this position, please send your resume and/or relevant work experience to careers@stateserv.com