DME Software for Hospices

High tech for hospices means streamlining DME management and utilization for better efficiency, cost savings, and accountability.

technology-icon StateServ’s proprietary software was made with you, the hospice owner (and manager), in mind. Our goal is to streamline DME management and utilization and let you and your staff put your attention where it’s most needed . . . on your patients.

DMETrack frees your staff from the burden of tracking equipment, chasing pick-ups and lost equipment, and gives you the information you need to cut costs and allocate resources. Choosing DMETrack means:

No more overbilling. Our EMR integrations automate the DME process, sending an automatic pick-up order on discharge and preventing overbilling due to human error. With our state-of-the-art tracking system, you will not only always know the status of a DME order, but lost equipment charges will be a thing of the past. DMETrack is fully compliant with all federal regulations.

Place orders from the patient’s bedside. DMETrack is completely mobile, and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Not only does that mean that you can always see real-time tracking and utilization data, but your staff will be able to order equipment from anywhere, even at the patient’s bedside.

Quality Assurance and Provider Accountability are part of the package. DMETrack gives you real-time quality assurance data that lets you view the quality scores of our providers and makes the DME provider and hospice staff responsible for the quality of the equipment and timeliness of delivery and pick-up orders.

Real-Time Analytics make your hospice more efficient. DMETrack gives you access to the full complement of analytics regarding your use of DME services. From real-time cost and utilization data to a wide variety of filtered reports, we provide you with the information you need to better manage your hospice’s DME needs.

At StateServ, our goal is to give you the technological tools you need to make DME management challenges a thing of the past and better serve your patients.

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