Local, Regional, and Nationwide Managed DME Services and Technology that Make the Difference

With StateServ, hospice meets technology to service patients more effectively.

map-icon StateServ understands that timeliness is the key to efficiency and keeping costs in line. We have over 200 DME providers within our network, providing the knowledge and benchmarks that will help you improve customer service and reduce costs. StateServ will oversee and direct the DME benefit management for you, leaving you with confidence that your DME needs are being met at all times. We’ll provide the best possible equipment managed by DMETrack, our proprietary software system that is 100% HIPAA compliant and gives you an instant snapshot of your DME costs, usage and order status. DMETrack’s secure system provides real-time stats and allows you filtered reports by team, patient, location and region. The convenience and accessibility of DMETrack not only simplifies your DME management, but it also gives you immediate access to information that previously required hours of valuable time to compile.

StateServ’s software makes it easy for hospice staff to conveniently schedule orders online—even while they’re at a patient’s bedside. As soon as your order is placed, an electronic message is sent to your designated provider. This will create a record that will let us (and you) track the order in real time as it is verified and delivered. With StateServ, the stress of arranging DME orders and tracking deliveries is a thing of the past.
StateServ is proud to offer the first software management system designed and maintained specifically for hospices. As the industry leader, we created our software with the needs of the hospice in mind and continue to fine-tune it in response to real questions and problems brought to us by our customers. DMETrack will allow you to track your orders in real time allowing you to communicate DME schedules to your patients. You’ll be able to streamline your ordering processes and evaluate real-time cost and usage at the company, regional, and branch level – all from your executive reporting area. What’s more, DMETrack will allow you to filter your reporting according to the variables that are most important to you, such as location, patient, team or region. For administrators, the timeliness of information provided by DMETrack means analysis that once required weeks of dedicated manpower is now instantly at your fingertips, freeing you to focus your attention on serving patients rather than managing paperwork.