A Reputation for Quality Durable Medical Equipment

At StateServ, we value the comfort and care provided by hospice with reliable top-of-the-line DME services.

deliver-icon At StateServ, we know that patient care can suffer when DME services are inefficient, late, or unreliable. Our mission is to use technology and optimized processes to help hospices provide the best possible care for every patient while giving them the tools they need to save costs and time.

With ten years of experience as a provider of high-quality durable medical equipment for hospices, StateServ has an unmatched reputation for integrity and reliability.

But that’s not enough for us. We want to take the burden of managing equipment and deliveries off the hospice and put it back on the DME service. That’s why StateServ provides its DME clients with a set of software tools that will allow them to order equipment online from the patient’s bedside, track the status of their orders, get real-time access to usage and cost reports, and see real-time quality data shortly after delivery, making it easier to deal with complaints or safety issues. Our DMETrack software will even integrate with the hospice’s EMR software to help eliminate accounting overbilling and lost equipment charges.

StateServ’s DME services revolve around two goals: to provide the best possible equipment and to give hospice administrators the tools and timeliness of information to make their DME management concerns a thing of the past.