Hospice DME Technology

DME Management Meets the Future with DMETrack

Providing the best possible patient care means managing your DME needs with a solution that can streamline your processes, control costs, and give you the data you need at a moment’s notice. Enter DMETrack, StateServ’s proprietary software created purely with the needs of hospices in mind. DMETrack gives you the technological edge that will let you manage your resources efficiently and put your focus back where you want it . . . on your patients. Read on to learn more about the DMETrack advantage.

Provider Accountability Brings You Peace of Mind

You’ll know at every moment what the status of your order is, and DMETrack makes your providers accountable for the quality, delivery, and pick-up of all orders.

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Real-Time Cost & Utilization Data Help You Respond to Changing Conditions

DMETrack provides real-time updates on your DME costs and utilization, allowing you to adjust and shift resources as needed, and giving you the information you need to set policy and priorities.

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Full and Filtered Analytics with our Executive Dashboard

From the Executive Dashboard, you’ll gain access to everything from company and regional roll-up reports, to real-time quality assurance reports that allow you to instantly review the quality scores for your providers. Analysis that once took hours and weeks of manpower is now constantly at your fingertips.

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Your Information is Safe, Secure, and HIPAA Compliant

DMETrack software is fully compliant with HIPAA and all other federal regulations.

EMR Integration— Helping Your Staff and Your Bottom Line

Because DMETrack includes EMR integration, billing and pick-up headaches soon become a thing of the past. EMR integration eliminates overbilling due to human error, puts an end to lost equipment charges, and automatically sends pick-up orders to the DME provider upon discharge, decreasing the amount of time your staff must spend tracking and managing DME pick-ups and deliveries.

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Scalability Means You’re Never Too Big or Too Small to Benefit

DMETrack is designed to help both small and large-scale hospices reduce costs, manage DME utilization, and track orders. No matter how complicated your needs, DMETrack will scale to provide you with the data and analysis and give you the technological edge in DME management.

Totally Mobile—for the Convenience and Accessibility that You Require

DMETrack is completely mobile and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Your staff will thank you when they learn that they can place orders from a patient’s bedside and you’ll appreciate the efficiency and convenience that come with DMETrack’s mobile accessibility.

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