Real-Time Utilization & Cost Tracking

Timely data for timely decision-making.

realtime-costs DMETrack’s real-time utilization and cost tracking give hospices the advantage of instant access to the data that defines their business. Instead of waiting until the end of the month and reconciling invoices, or worse, putting in dozens of man hours to calculate DME utilization across your system, the data is always available and updated.

No longer will your staff have to wrestle with stacks of invoices in order to get the best information on what your DME costs are or how your DME utilization has changed over the course of the week/month/year. High-level data analysis is automated within DMETrack, freeing your staff and administrators to focus on improving patient care instead of crunching numbers, and the benefits are immediate. DMETrack’s constant stream of cost and utilization data ensures that hospice owners, managers, and executives always know what’s happening with their DME usage in real time, letting them adjust and allocate resources as necessary.

What’s more, the data provided by DMETrack helps prevent waste and error, letting you ensure that nurses are not inadvertently ordering unnecessary equipment—and real-time updates keep you abreast of the medical decisions being made throughout your system, giving you the ability to determine that the decisions being made for your patients are medically necessary.

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