Provider Accountability

DMETrack brings new accountability to the hospice-provider relationship . . . to the benefit of both

accountability DMETrack introduces a level of accountability between both DME providers and hospices that ultimately works to the benefit of both. With frustration and miscommunication being the source of too many disputes over billing, lost equipment, missed pick-ups, and more, countless man hours are wasted by vendors and hospices in trying to get the right equipment to the right place at the proper cost. DMETrack software helps resolve such errors, resulting in a better and more productive relationship between DME providers and the hospices that rely on them.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Integration and quality-control data are fundamental to improving provider accountability for the hospice. Our automated system allows for a pick-up order to be sent immediately upon patient discharge, reducing the chance for mistakes and miscommunication over pick-up orders. For hospices, this also means they can avoid the overbilling issues that come with late and forgotten pick-ups. The sophisticated tracking system lets hospices know the status of their orders at all times, improving estimated delivery and pick-up times through better communications to patients and caregivers. In addition, real-time quality-control data allows hospices to see the quality ratings of all providers at all times.

Most importantly, DMETrack adds a level of certainty and clarity to DME management for both the provider and the hospice. Orders entered into the system are visible to all and put an end to miscommunication and he said/she said disputes over equipment pick-ups and deliveries. For the hospice, this means a reduction in costs for unused equipment and freeing up your staff to spend more time on patient care. For the DME provider, it means an end to wasted trips and disputes over orders.

In short, DMETrack helps keep vendors accountable to hospices and vice-versa, resulting in lower costs, fewer disputes and higher quality service.

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