Executive Dashboard

Real time data at your fingertips provide you with the information you need when you need it.

executive-dashboard Timeliness of information is DMETrack’s ultimate contribution to the hospice executive who needs the full picture of DME cost and utilization information at a variety of different levels.

No longer is full-scale analysis of DME usage, costs, or quality a matter of waiting weeks for the data to be gathered, and even longer for it to be analyzed and assessed. DMETrack’s Executive Dashboard gives you that information in real-time. From the Dashboard, hospices are able to access a variety of reports on DME costs and utilization at a regional level, branch level, and even provider level.

Filtering reports at different levels helps you eliminate the data distractions that can skew your analysis of costs and usage system-wide, and the ability to view cost data at the provider level can give you useful information about utilization that is driving up prices in a particular branch or region, while letting you view comparative data from other locations.

DMETrack’s Executive Dashboard is an invaluable tool for the executive or administrator who needs to make decisions about improving patient care and decreasing costs in real time. In the end, the ultimate benefit goes to the patients and staff, who don’t have to wait weeks and months for you to analyze how DME service can be improved. Instead, you’ll have a management tool that lets you constantly respond to conditions on the ground, while that response can still make a difference.

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