Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Integration Benefits

Safe, secure and efficient EMR integration helps streamline DME management and eliminate mistakes.

emr-integration EMR Integration is what helps make StateServ’s DMETrack the software of choice for hospices looking to free their staff from DME billing tracking problems while still reducing unnecessary costs.

By integrating the electronic medical records into DMETrack we add an extra level of automation to DME Management that saves in staff labor and bottom line costs. EMR integration allows data to be pulled automatically, decreasing billing problems and overbilling caused by human error.

In addition, EMR integration helps prevent lost equipment charges due to untimely pick-up orders – a persistent problem that adds to staff frustration and equipment costs for providers and hospices.

The best feature of EMR integration, however, might be the way in which it helps hospice staff ensure prompt pick-up of DME. When a patient is discharged in the EMR, DMETrack is notified immediately and automatically places a pick-up order with the DME provider. DMETrack helps prevent hospices from being billed for extra days of equipment use by stopping the billing cycle when the pick-up order is placed.

For DME providers, EMR integration means an end to miscommunication and wasted delivery/pick-up trips. Automated orders help set clear expectations and reduce the risks of stress and human error that may result in a delivery or billing dispute.

EMR Integration improves the timeliness of delivery and pick-ups and eliminates communication failures between hospice staff and DME providers, making the tracking and delivery process more efficient for both.

Hospice managers can rest assured that DMETrack’s EMR integration is fully compliant with HIPAA and all federal regulations. Protecting patients’ records and privacy is paramount at StateServ.

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