DME Bedside Ordering

Unparalleled convenience and mobility let you place orders anywhere—even at a patient’s bedside.

mobile Imagine a DME management system so flexible that it allows your staff to place orders at the very moment they realize what’s needed—right there at the patient’s bedside. That’s the benefit of DMETrack’s total mobility.

Your staff can access DMETrack anywhere and place an order (or check its status) while they go about their duties. Not only does this create a more efficient ordering process, freeing staff from administrative delays, but it also allows for better patient care, getting the right equipment to the right place even faster.

The mobility provided by DMETrack also works to the benefit of the DME provider. With more notice and unequivocal instructions, the chance of a miscommunication over equipment, billing, or delivery times is reduced, making the system more efficient for everyone.

DMETrack’s mobility doesn’t just benefit hospice nurses. So long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your Executive Dashboard. That means that hospice executives and management can have instant access to the real-time cost, utilization and quality assurance data provided by DMETrack from anywhere, whether it’s in the board room or on the road. For busy executives, the mobility offered by DMETrack makes it possible for you to see the data and analysis you need to make timely management decisions no matter where the job may take you.

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