Gentiva Case Study

How StateServ demonstrated that quality customer care and quality equipment could make DME management easier.

The Gentiva family of companies have been providing hospice and home health care for more than 40 years. With a nationwide reach that serves more than 350,000 patients in more than 420 communities, Gentiva provides a high level of skilled nursing, palliative, rehabilitative, and hospice care.

Customer Type: Hospice and home health care provider
Customer Location: Nationwide
Previous Solutions/Challenges: Unresponsive service, questionable equipment
Customer of StateServ since: 2004

The Problem

A respected nationwide hospice and home health care provider with more than 40 years of service in the industry, Gentiva required a DME partner that would be responsive and attentive to their needs and those of their patients. Gentiva came to StateServ with deep concerns about the poor customer service and unsafe equipment that they were receiving from their current DME provider.

Gentiva sought out StateServ in hopes of finding a DME provider that was more responsive to their needs and provided high-quality equipment.

The Solution

StateServ’s executive team met with Gentiva and demonstrated the commitment to customer service and responsiveness that StateServ represents. After seeing how StateServ’s provider network meant that Gentiva would be able to consistently provide high quality equipment to their patients, a new partnership began.

StateServ’s commitment to customer service combined with its promise to only provide high-quality equipment fit exactly with Gentiva’s needs.

“What I like the most about StateServ is the responsive management team they provide to Gentiva. We also couldn’t be happier working with the team members at the local sites. Our clinical staff enjoys the ease of use with StateServ’s DMETrack bedside ordering and tracking, and I appreciate the ability to pull and view detailed reports for each of our hospice sites at a moment’s notice.”

— Judee Harrington, Gentiva Health Services

The Strategy

When building a nationwide network of DME providers, it is critical to be able to provide only the best quality equipment. StateServ was able to demonstrate to Gentiva that not only would they be able to meet their equipment needs, but that working with StateServ and DMETrack provided an extra level of accountability for them and the DME providers.

With that accountability came a level of trust and a guarantee of responsiveness. StateServ’s national reach meant that Gentiva’s staff could always work with a local representative to address their needs, no matter where they were located.

Finally, the inclusion of DMETrack gave Gentiva another level of data and accountability in DME tracking and utilization. Not only would they always be able to reach their StateServ representatives, but they could track—in real time—where their equipment was and what their utilization rates were. This free flow of information gave Gentiva an extra level of knowledge and confidence in their DME services.