Alacare Case Study

How StateServ helped Alacare Home Health and Hospice reduce costs without sacrificing care.

Alacare Home Health and Hospice serves almost the entire state of Alabama with 25 hospice locations. They provide quality skilled nursing, palliative, rehabilitative, and hospice care to patients throughout the state.

Customer Type: Hospice Provider
Location: Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, with locations state-wide.
Previous Solutions/Challenges: Escalating costs
Customer of StateServ since: 2010

The Problem

Alacare provides high-quality care to patients throughout Alabama. When StateServ first met with them, the Company learned that Alacare was having difficulty with escalating DME costs and needed to find a way to control those costs without compromising patient care.

Alacare came to StateServ to learn how DMETrack and StateServ’s DME services could help with their budget difficulties.

The Solution

StateServ worked with Alacare to find a suitable DME solution for their many locations throughout Alabama. StateServ’s DME management tools and DMETrack software helped Alacare continue to improve utilization while still working with the local DME vendors and partners of their choice.

“While initially our reason to change DME companies was based on cost, we found StateServ provided many great resources, including their DMETrack application – offering Alacare a selection of advantages when it comes to bedside ordering and tracking orders placed by the staff. More importantly, we are pleased to have the ability to access daily detailed utilization rates at anytime with StateServ’s DMETrack”

— Chris Matthews, Vice-President of Corporate Services, Alacare Home Health & Hospice

The Strategy

To help Alacare lower costs without sacrificing the high level of care they provide, StateServ took a multi-step approach to solving Alacare’s DME management issues.

First, StateServ worked with Alacare to find an affordable and efficient DME solution that would serve their needs in all of their locations in the Southeast. Because the StateServ Network operates throughout the country, this allowed a great deal of flexibility in finding a solution that would provide the DME Alacare required at a favorable price.

With Alacare’s immediate concerns met, StateServ then helped familiarize them with the DME management tools that would control costs and optimize DME utilization. The tracking tools and detailed data available through DMETrack allowed Alacare to obtain up-to-the-minute information about DME usage and cost. In addition, DMETrack eased the transition to StateServ services by giving Alacare the ability to continue to work with local providers and vendors. Finally, tools like bedside ordering gave Alacare’s staff a new level of convenience and efficiency in caring for their patients.

“We were pleased with the Partner Manager assigned to our account and couldn’t be happier with her clinical background, and StateServ’s customer service staff responds to our concerns in a timely manner.”

— Chris Matthews, Vice-President of Corporate Services, Alacare Home Health & Hospice