Contracts Administrator – Tempe, AZ

Contracts Administrator – Tempe, AZ

With direction from senior leadership, this position administers the hospice client and network vendor contracting process from contract origination and on-going administration through termination. This includes supporting the negotiation team with complex legal issues to facilitating comprehensive reviews of the contracts database to ensure legal terms and conditions and product and pricing terms are aligned with business objectives.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Interfaces with negotiations team, senior leadership and legal counsel to establish hospice client and DME provider vendor contract templates.
  • Establishes and administers the contracting process and manages and maintains version control.
  • Coordinates, implements and maintains contracting instruments, including but not limited to agreements, fee schedules and amendments. Acts as the point of contact to communicate and relay pricing and other contract terms as needed
  • Maintains archive files for each contract which will include original contract, all correspondence, changes/deviations, amendments, clarifications and payment schedules.
  • Ensures supporting vendor contract documentation is kept current and in compliance with contract terms including but not limited to licensure, insurance and accreditation.
  • Maintains and ensures system tools such as CRM to maintain current contract information.
  • Creates and maintains reports and supporting contract documentation to optimize client tenure and mitigate business risk.
  • Reviews system output against fee schedule creation to ensure quality and integrity of system and profit margin.
  • Communicates critical information to stakeholders.

Required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the role include the following:

Education, Work Experience or Related Experience:

  • Knowledge or general business administration as normally obtained through the completion of a degree in business administration. A paralegal certificate or JD preferred
  • 3+ years’ experience working with health care contracts as described above or other similar contracts
  • Thorough knowledge of contracting concepts and applicable health care law and regulations
  • The ability to effectively coordinate and facilitate the contracting process and maintain contracts as described
  • Experience in healthcare or medical fields where an understanding of durable medical equipment, pharmacy or hospice operations is strongly preferred

Specialized Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • A high level of professionalism, customer service and discretion is required to represent the organization and interact with outside parties
  • Knowledge of fee schedule development in healthcare required as well as a knowledge of DME reimbursement and cost drivers
  • Advanced software skills including word processing, spreadsheet analytics and presentations are required to perform the functions described
  • Detail orientation with strong analytical and mathematical skills are essential
  • The ability to remain focused and organized given multiple priorities is essential. This includes the ability to prioritize, multi-task, work under pressure and with tight deadlines, and work independently toward objectives
  • Strong professional communication, presentation and interpersonal skills are required
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality of patient information and follow standard operating procedures with regard to patient data to ensure compliance with HIPPA is required

NOTE: To apply for this position, please send your resume and/or relevant work experience to and reference job number: Y14-074