Account Census Coordinator – Tempe, AZ

Account Census Coordinator – Tempe, AZ

Under general supervision, this position limits liability from asset loss and billing inaccuracies. Audits and enters census data into DMETrack and ensures it is accurate and matches the client census. Identifies census trends to identify opportunities for improvements and accuracy.

Responsibilities include the all or most of following:

  • Regularly monitors patient days within DMETrack to determine when profitability margins are thinning based on DME Days (Days a patient has DME) and reported patient days within DMETrack. This includes identifying client trends and forecasts as appropriate.
  • Regularly reviews client census data and determines which patients are still active in DMETrack but not appearing on the hospice census.
  • In a professional manner, contacts clients and relationship managers to obtain a correct census. This may include creating and providing a current active census to the relationship manager for presentation and confirmation with the hospice.
  • Regularly receives, processes and corrects hospice discharge data within DMETrack to support clients and ensure correct census information.
  • Works closely with the billing department to support the determination of financial impact for patient pick-ups not placed within DMETrack.
  • Monitors DMETrack for patients who have DME with multiple providers, duplicate patients, or duplicate DME causing overpayment and contacts the client and/or relationship manager to understand if an overpayment issue exists. With the appropriate authorization, makes changes in the system to generate an accurate invoice.

Required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the role include the following:

Education, Work Experience or Related Experience:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required
  • Some college is preferred
  • At least one year experience in which incumbents regularly interface with internal stakeholders and customers is required to communicate quality assurance issues and act as a conduit for information as described. StateServ medical experience is strongly preferred
  • Experience in the healthcare or medical fields in which incumbents have gained an understanding of durable medical equipment is preferred. Experience within StateServ Medical and DMETrack of at least 1 year is strongly preferred

Specialized Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Proficient and accurate typing/data-entry skills are required to record and manipulate data as previously described
  • Strong interpersonal skills due to constant contact both internally and externally. Displays the ability to work within a team
  • Ability to work with independently and displays good prioritization skills
  • A high attention to detailed information is required to review and reconcile data
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality of patient information and follow standard operating procedures with regard to patient data to ensure compliance with HIPPA is required
  • Strong knowledge of a PC, business and communications software (MS Office) and web-based tools are required

Physical Requirements and Demands:

  • This position entails a high level of work performed at a computer terminal throughout the day
  • Good eyesight or corrected vision is required due to continuous validation of system information
  • On a regular basis, incumbent frequently performs repetitive motions at a computer terminal and is subject to prolonged sitting
  • Regular eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity is required to operate office equipment

NOTE: To apply for this position, please send your resume and/or relevant work experience to and reference job number: Y14-086