A Commitment to our Community

At StateServ, service to others is part of our mission.

StateServ began with the idea that providing reliable DME services could improve the hospice experience for patients and families, as well as for the hospice providers. So it should be no surprise that a commitment to helping others is a strong part of the StateServ philosophy.

Though we have a physical presence in ten states as a nationwide provider, we consider the community we serve to extend from coast to coast. As such, we have helped countless organizations and community groups over the years, and take great pride in our community efforts.

With our passion for hospice as the guiding light of our mission, we especially focus on opportunities to enhance the lives of those within our communities. From donating medical equipment to encouraging our staff to donate their time to local charities, StateServ is always dedicated to making a real difference for others.

Charities and Nonprofit Organizations StateServ Proudly Supports

Delaware Hospice

StateServ’s contribution to Delaware Hospice, a non-profit hospice based in Newark, DE, helps provide care and support for their patients and families. Click the following link for more information about Delaware Hospice, www.delawarehospice.org


Dream Foundation

As the first and largest national organization working to honor the final dreams of adults in their last year of life, Dream Foundation’s mission is one that is very close to our heart. StateServ is proud to be a part of the effort to create that moment of joy with a dream come true for those nearing the end of life. Click the following link for more information about the Dream Foundation, www.dreamfoundation.org


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is well-known for their tireless fight to prevent and cure catastrophic diseases in children. StateServ is honored to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by donating funding as well as our own time increasing awareness about the organization. Click the following link for more information about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, www.st.jude.org


Grace Hospice of Arizona

Grace Hospice of Arizona is a nonprofit hospice working to enrich the lives of those in their final journey. As a company dedicated to helping hospices provide the best in care, StateServ is proud to be able to donate durable medical equipment to Grace Hospice. Click the following link for more information about Grace Hospice, www.gracehospice.com


Solari Hospice Foundation

One of the best things about hospice care is the way it helps both the family and the patient through the end-of-life process. StateServ is proud to be able to provide financial support to Camp Solari, a bereavement camp for children and their families. Click the following link for more information about Solari Hospice, www.solarihospice.com


Nathan Adelson Hospice Foundation

A nonprofit hospice based in Las Vegas, NV, Nathan Adelson Hospice has long impressed us with the dedication of its staff, and StateServ is proud to help support it through various donations. Click the following link for more information about Nathan Adelson Hospice, www.nah.org


Camp Carey

A retreat to guide and comfort children and their caretakers, Camp Carey helps those dealing with grief and loss. StateServ supports Camp Carey and recognizes the staff for their compassion and commitment to others.


Hospice of the Pacific

StateServ is pleased to be able to contribute financial support to Hospice of the Pacific, a nonprofit organization that aids less-fortunate hospice patients by providing funds to help assist in their care.


Alacare Hospice

Alacare Home Health & Hospice provides high quality, multidisciplinary home health and hospice services in Alabama. StateServ gladly supports this non-profit hospice through donations to help less-fortunate patients. Click the following link for more information about Alacare Hospice, www.alacare.com


Soulistic Hospice

A nonprofit faith-based hospice that specializes in providing care to disadvantaged patients, Soulistic is one of several hospices ensuring that quality end-of-life care is available for all. It is StateServ’s honor to help Soulistic Hospice meet their goals through the donation of durable medical equipment. Click the following link for more information about Soulistic Hospice, www.soulistichospice.org